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This page is reserved for those individuals and groups,who are not otherwise mentioned in this website, and who give of their time and energy to make our parish a caring, happy and safe environment for all.


The Church as a community has a duty to follow the command to love by valuing and protecting the vulnerable. Children are the most vulnerable and have the greatest entitlement to protection. As part of a national policy on safeguarding children or vulnerable adults, each parish has an appointed safeguarding representative to provide a local point of contact for anyone with concerns in this area. Currently, another part of the SO role is to ensure that all volunteers who work with children or vulnerable adults or carry out any home or hospital visits undertake a Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) check and that anyone joining the parish in such a role completes an application form and a CRB check. Providing a safe environment for children, vulnerable adults and our volunteers, is one of the main aims of safeguarding in Our Lady of Ransom parish and one that is supported by Father Paul and Bishop Alan Williams. A poster in the church porch gives details for anyone wishing to raise any issue.

Church Cleaning - Veronica Micklewright, tel. no. 01702 230805

There are many "unsung heroes" in our parish, voluntarily carrying out essential tasks to ensure the smooth running of our church. Not least is the Church Cleaning Group, largely forgotten but most highly valued. We enter church expecting it to look perfect and that it so often does is down to those who undertake this vital task of cleaning the church and polishing the brasses. Do we imagine that our guardian angels swoop down, vacuum cleaners akimbo? How often do we remember that keeping our church perfect is an integral part of our parish mission, for which we all should be responsible? Everyone can offer some help in little ways, by returning hymn books to the porch bookcases, by spotting and removing litter and by remembering to take home with you all that you brought into church.  As in every parish, more cleaning help would be gladly welcomed whether you are young or old, male or female and the only expertise required is the ability to wield a duster or vacuum cleaner. Please contact Veronica who will make you most welcome.

Flower Arranging

Led by Joan Gardiner and team of volunteers, who make our church look so beautiful not only on Sundays but on the Feasts of the Church.  Cash donations for flowers are always welcome - envelopes are available in the porch.

Gardeners - Tom Kennedy, tel. no. 01702 230578

A small team of volunteers led by Tom maintains the garden and grounds of the Church. Work mainly involves cutting grass, weeding and tidying up. The current rota provides for any volunteer to work 2 hours every 6 weeks or so. "Green fingers" are not essential, no experience is necessary and gardening is very good exercise!  New volunteers are always most welcome and if you are interested please phone Tom.

Marriage Care

Marriage Care offers relationship counselling to couples or individuals who are experiencing difficulties in their marriage or partnerships. Marriage Preparation courses are provided for engaged couples who are getting married in a Catholic church in accordance with the requirements of the Church.  Marriage Care also offers education in relationships for older school children.  For counselling appointments or marriage preparation, please call Freephone tel. no. 0800 389 3801.

Organist - Isobel Kennedy

How fortunate we are to have Isobel producing such splendid accompaniment on the recently refurbished church organ.

Readers - Len Anthony, tel. no. 01268 784803

New readers are always welcome to participate in the lay ministry of proclaiming the Word of God at Mass. There are currently more than 20 readers and each is assigned to the Mass time which they regularly attend. Readers serve for a month at a time and are generally called upon once every four months.  The simple requirements to serve as a reader are as follows:

  To be a practicing Roman Catholic attending Mass weekly and regularly receiving Holy Communion.

  To be able to read confidently and clearly in Church.

  To wear appropriate dress to stand on the Sanctuary and proclaim the Word of God.

  To prepare for their ministry by carefully reviewing the day's reading beforehand.

  To arrive at Church and report to the Sacristy at least 10 minutes before Mass.

  If unable to read when asked, to arrange for a replacement in good time from other readers in their group.

  Those who proclaim the First Reading are also required to read the Bidding Prayers. These are not available until shortly before the Mass

    and, therefore, have to be delivered with little time for rehearsal.

In addition to reading at Mass on Sunday and Saturday evening many readers make themselves available for Mass on weekdays.

If you would like to learn more about reading at Mass please contact Len, who administers the rota of readers.


The Repository is manned by a small group of volunteers and they are willing to assist you in any way they can. It is located in the church porch and is open after the three main Masses for the sale of Mass cards, Sympathy cards, First Communion and Confirmation cards, Christmas and Easter cards, rosaries, medals and statues. Missals and prayer books can also be purchased.

Committees Serving the Parish

Lastly, mention should be made of the members who serve on the various committees, both formal and informal, who work hard to ensure that all aspects of our Church mission function properly within the diocesan framework in areas such as administration, communication, finance, and premises.


The Parish is extremely grateful to all these individuals and groups - a true collection of "unsung heroes".

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