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Introducing the ‘Ransomers’ Facebook Group

Our Parish has a presence on Facebook in the guise of a group named ‘Ransomers’.


How to apply to join ‘Ransomers’ Group

•  In the first instance, you must have a personal Facebook account

•  Log in to your account and search for the group ‘Ransomers’ and then submit a request to join.

•  Upon receipt of your request the administrator will, subject to being satisfied that you have a connection

    with our Parish, add you to the group.

Why we should use Facebook 

At present virtually all information from within the Parish is one-directional from our Priest or the Presbytery office via the weekly newsletter. There is little scope for discourse in the community. The various groups and organisations can seem like self-contained units almost anonymous to the Parish as a whole. Here is an opportunity for them and individual parishioners to reach a wider audience. Hopefully, posts on Facebook will stimulate a feeling of being in touch with what is happening in the Parish or the Catholic Church at large and give members an opportunity to express an opinion on whatever topic is raised.Other than stating that posts should be relevant to the Parish and its well-being there are no restrictions regarding posts submitted. 

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