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Fundraising for Parish Projects 2015/2016

Fundraising for Parish Projects is usually raised through coffee mornings run by Parish Groups.  The Lenten coffee mornings this year raised £676.  

Examples of these projects are:

Mduduzi Home Based Care

Fr Gerry Gostling, who used to be assistant Priest in this Parish, is now working in South Africa.  He has set up a group called Mduduzi Home Based Care.  This group cares for the housebound, kids orphaned by H.I.V., the elderly and vulnerable.  They provide a simple hot meal for children who would otherwise go hungry, basic items such as soap and toothpaste etc.

Over the past year we have sent Fr Gerry £1600 for his work.

Bethlehem Children

The School of Joy is based in Bethlehem not far from the traditional site of Our Lords Birth.  The school offers children between 6 and 18 years old who are poor, orphaned and have learning difficulties, the help they need.  The school is trying to develop and advance the service it offers.  The school relies on geneous donations from local and international  communities.  Due to its reputation there are a good number of "at risk" children on the waiting list.  For some children, the school is the only home they know.


£600 has been raised for our local SVP who help people in the Parish with small financial gifts and run two parties a year for older parishioners.  Please click here for more details of the work carried out by the SVP .

Fr Paul's visit to the School of Joy, February 2017

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